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The San Francisco Bay Area, as well as San Jose & San Mateo, offer many sober living homes, so what’s the difference between upscale ones and the others?


When you think of San Francisco, especially the Bay Area in CA, beauty comes to mind. It’s hard not to appreciate the splendor of the city, amazing architecture, high-end real estate and eclectic charm. Not unlike many other American cities, San Fran has it’s share of issues, namely drug addiction/substance abuse, crime and homelessness. There seems to be a growing divide between the rich and the poor and the ability to work and live in such an expensive place. The upside is the availability of upscale sober living homes intending to deal with the growing need for those in recovery.

A point of clarification: The term “sober living home” is often used interchangeably with terms like, recovery house, transitional housing and halfway houses.


Benefits of upscale sober livings

Let’s face it, if you look good, you feel good and most of us appreciate the finer things in life and have an affinity towards luxury. Someone who is suffering from drug addiction is already burdened with feelings of inadequacy and despair. By surrounding oneself in an environment that is uplifting and beautiful, it helps make us feel less crummy. The focus should be on your recovery, not on a leaky faucet, decrepit furniture and a crappy location. Drug abuse is ugly but your surroundings don’t have to be. There are plenty of upscale sober homes in San Francisco, San Jose, San Mateo and other CA cities. Just think of it as one step closer to feeling better about yourself and creating a healthier lifestyle!


Importance of implementing healthy structure for early recovery

Many things come to mind when you think of structure, but for someone who is faced with drug addiction, it can be the difference between life and death. I know that sounds dramatic and alarming, however, it’s important to realize what can make or break the recovery process. Without a plan for your recovery, it will be hard to achieve long term sobriety. By surrounding yourself with a good support system and healthy routines, it’s like increasing your odds for success. Addiction treatment (IOP, therapy, etc.) while living in an upscale sober living home can provide a solid continuity of care for enduring recovery. Creating healthy habits early on in your recovery such as good nutrition, regular sleeping schedule, exercise and work can all help towards maintaining sobriety.

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POTENTIALS UNLIMITED . . . far more than just another sober living or recovery home; this is an experience designed to bring the recovery process to you, to help you experience an inner change through a process designed for lasting success in sobriety and in life.



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The Potentials Unlimited Mission is deeply rooted within its name; it is a mission that looks not at the recovery process, nor the treatment process nor any related process that exists outside the individual. Rather, we strive to guide each client in recognizing their own potential within their own journey through life. Sobriety is only but a beginning, in fact it is simply the first of many steps, steps which are unique to each individual as they carve away their new existence within the life they were meant to live. Our mission is grand and our commitment is steadfast, because this is our passion and success is nonnegotiable.










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