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The "Eldorado" Residence

San Mateo, CA 94401

Welcome to our Eldorado Sober Living Residence, located in the city of San Mateo, 94401.

“The Eldorado sober living home, an exquisite (upscale), coed and semi-structured recovery residence in San Mateo, CA.”


The Eldorado Coed Sober Living Homes for Males and Females in San Mateo, CA

Located just a few blocks from the bay and in the heart of North Central San Mateo, California, our Eldorado sober living home is a beautifully appointed coed recovery residence for men & women ages 18 and up. Currently the Eldorado sober living is our only San Mateo, CA location, however, as Potentials Unlimited continue to expand throughout the Bay Area, as well as Central and Northern California as a whole, we envision adding another 3 to 4 San Mateo, CA residences..

As with all of our recovery residences, the Eldorado home is located within relatively close proximity to 12-Step groups (AA & NA) as well as shopping districts, public transportation and employment opportunities. The home also affords our residents a wide array of upscale accommodations and comforts. From state-of-the-art appliances and entertainment systems to elegant furnishings, sleeping areas, bathrooms and more, this is absolutely not you average sober living home.


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Eldorado Sober Living Homes in San Mateo, California with Upscale Kitchens
Eldorado San Francisco Bay Area Sober Living with Gym and Workout Space
Eldorado Upscale SLE in San Mateo, California has Private and 2-Man Rooms
Upscale luxury sober living homes in San Mateo and San Francisco, CA
Upscale Sober Living Home with Amenities in San Mateo, CA
Upscale Sober Living Home with Amenities in San Mateo, CA
Best upscale sober living homes and addiction recovery residences in San Mateo | San Francisco, CA
The Eldorado House Sober Living Residence in San Mateo | San Francisco Bay Area


Potentials Unlimited intake & information lines are answered 7 days a week. For more information on our Eldorado Sober Living Residence or any of our other Bay Area Recovery Homes contact us at:

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POTENTIALS UNLIMITED . . . far more than just another sober living or recovery home; this is an experience designed to bring the recovery process to you, to help you experience an inner change through a process designed for lasting success in sobriety and in life.



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The Potentials Unlimited Mission is deeply rooted within its name; it is a mission that looks not at the recovery process, nor the treatment process nor any related process that exists outside the individual. Rather, we strive to guide each client in recognizing their own potential within their own journey through life. Sobriety is only but a beginning, in fact it is simply the first of many steps, steps which are unique to each individual as they carve away their new existence within the life they were meant to live. Our mission is grand and our commitment is steadfast, because this is our passion and success is nonnegotiable.










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