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About Our Sober Livings & Addiction Recovery Homes

Addiction Recovery Housing in
The San Francisco Bay Area

It all began back in 2005 with a vision. It sparked from the unfortunate reality that the San Francisco Bay Area, and surrounding cities like San Jose and San Mateo to name a few, did not provide adequate supportive recovery housing (sober living homes) for those just emerging from active drug & alcohol addictions. Whether they were completing medical detox, residential or some variation of inpatient drug rehab, or even wanting to make a reputable sober living residence as their first leap into sobriety, the array of “good” options available at the time was minimal at best.

Today we feature 7 gender-specific sober living recovery homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose, San Mateo and several other nearby cities in the near future.  We focus exclusively on helping men and women ages 18 and up who struggle with drug addiction, alcoholism and even those with mild or manageable co-occurring mental health disorders. More information is available by calling us 7 days a week at: (415) 779-3154.

Information about Potentials Unlimited Sober Living Homes in The San Francisco Bay Area
San Francisco, CA high-end and upscale sober livings and recovery homes

Affordable • Structured • Upscale

One area where many sober living homes can fall short is in over focusing on one element or the other. While one recovery residence may dive deeply into the realm of luxury and outlandish accommodations, all the while charging exorbitant rates, another will employ such extreme rigidity in their daily structure to where clients feel captive and shortchanged in having no basic freedoms in which to enjoy their newfound sobriety.

At Potentials Unlimited we believe not only in “Strategic Balance,’ but likewise we employ practical and effective levels of structure that are always fluid based on the client’s specific situation. We also place great value in providing many of the comforts and amenities that so many had foregone during their active addictions, within reason of course. Moreover, each of our Bay Area locations serve as a constant reminder that it’s nice to live in an area surrounded by families, low crime, plenty of job opportunities, public transportation and much more!

See some of our sober living homes or simply give us a call 7 days a week to tour any of our recovery residences at: (415) 779-3154.


Experienced Onsite Managers
Mandatory Random Drug & Alcohol Testing
Weekly & Weekend Curfew Times
12-Step Meeting (or other similar groups/tools) Requirements
Inter-House Responsibilities (i.e. in-house meetings, chores, etc)
Work with a Sponsors, Mentor, Religious Leader, etc.
Standards for Maturity & Productivity
Sober Social Network Building
Must be Productive During Days (work, school, IOP, etc)
A Focus on “Life” Success as much as “Sobriety” Success


Individual TV’s in Each Room
Cable Television & Housewide WiFi
Washers & Dryers On-site
Comfortable & Nice Beds, Bedding, Furniture & Appliances
BBQ’s and Closed in Yards
Homes are Centrally Located
Alumni & Client Parties, Holiday Events, etc.
Court & Probation Documentation
Outpatient Treatment Services Available
Mental Health Referrals (therapy, psych, etc.)


POTENTIALS UNLIMITED . . . far more than just another sober living or recovery home; this is an experience designed to bring the recovery process to you, to help you experience an inner change through a process designed for lasting success in sobriety and in life.



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The Potentials Unlimited Mission is deeply rooted within its name; it is a mission that looks not at the recovery process, nor the treatment process nor any related process that exists outside the individual. Rather, we strive to guide each client in recognizing their own potential within their own journey through life. Sobriety is only but a beginning, in fact it is simply the first of many steps, steps which are unique to each individual as they carve away their new existence within the life they were meant to live. Our mission is grand and our commitment is steadfast, because this is our passion and success is nonnegotiable.










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