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Introducing the renovated, upgraded & upscale El Dorado Sober Living Home, San Mateo, California’s premier addiction recovery residence (SLE).


One of the greatest things about the State of California, when it comes to addiction recovery services, that is, is that there are more service provider options here than virtually anywhere else in the world! Generally speaking, though, Central and Northern CA tend to see fewer options than that of Southern CA, especially when looking at reputable sober living homes, and similar service variations, i.e., addiction recovery residences (sometimes referred to as “SLE’s”), halfway houses, transitional housing, and so forth.

Looking specifically at the San Francisco Bay Area, there exists a number of reputable sober living home options within the city, as well as certain surrounding areas. However, just a bit further south, in the City of San Mateo, for instance, the available options with respect to the more upscale, reputable, structured or even semi-structured recovery homes has historically remained quite limited. It is true that one could say to that fact, “Well sure, there may not be many sober living home options in San Mateo County, but the city population isn’t even a million, therefore maybe the need for recovery housing in that part of the Bay Area simply isn’t that great.” Unfortunately, our experience shows us otherwise.

With all that in mind, an established group of upscale and semi-structured sober living homes called “Potentials Unlimited” currently operates as a network of 7 addiction recovery homes throughout the Bay Area. Among this group of SLE’s is one of the flagship homes called “The El Dorado House” which, just happens to be located in San Mateo, California.

Among the Core Group of Recovery Homes

The El Dorado location was actually among their core group of recovery homes from when the company first launched back in 2005. However, over the past few months, Potentials Unlimited has invested substantial resources toward renovation and upgrades, with the intent of setting a new standard throughout San Mateo County when it comes to sober living housing services and the like.

  • Having earned a reputation for being among the premier networks of addiction recovery zzin and around the San Francisco Bay Area, we have become quite familiar with the nuances inherent to the many cities and regions in this part of the state. In the case of San Mateo, for instance, there is a relatively high household median income as compared to some other surrounding areas. As such, there is a greater need out here for upscale and even luxury sober livings and recovery homes than there is for, say, the very cheap and often shady alternatives, commonly referred to as “flophouses.” Generally speaking, these types of residences are few and far between throughout San Mateo County.

What to Expect

As is with all of our sober living residences, residents in our San Mateo house will experience a variety of comforts and amenities, such as:

    • New and state-of-the-art appliances
    • High grade, elegant furnishings
    • Two people max per room, new beds & furnishings
    • Cable tv in each room
    • Fast internet, strong wifi, large smart tv’s in common areas
    • New washers/dryers
    • Exquisite interior surroundings
    • Middle-class suburban neighborhoods
    • Near shopping, dining, transportation, employment opportunities, AA/NA meetings, etc.
    • And much more…

So if you or someone you know is in need of a well-regarded, upscale & semi-structured sober living environment within San Mateo County, California, we encourage you to peruse our website, and call us 7 days a week at (415) 779-3154 to get your questions answered and even stop by for a visit & tour.


To learn more about upscale sober living in the San Francisco Bay Area, please call (415) 779-3154 or email [email protected]


    POTENTIALS UNLIMITED . . . far more than just another sober living or recovery home; this is an experience designed to bring the recovery process to you, to help you experience an inner change through a process designed for lasting success in sobriety and in life.



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    The Potentials Unlimited Mission is deeply rooted within its name; it is a mission that looks not at the recovery process, nor the treatment process nor any related process that exists outside the individual. Rather, we strive to guide each client in recognizing their own potential within their own journey through life. Sobriety is only but a beginning, in fact it is simply the first of many steps, steps which are unique to each individual as they carve away their new existence within the life they were meant to live. Our mission is grand and our commitment is steadfast, because this is our passion and success is nonnegotiable.










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